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This type of villages can be found a lot more than sea-top, for the Southern-Western edge of brand new Sicani Slopes

This type of villages can be found a lot more than sea-top, for the Southern-Western edge of brand new Sicani Slopes

19 centenarians (10 girls and you can 9 boys) life in the home in the five municipalities out of Bisacquino, Castronovo, Chiusa Scalafani, Giuliana and Prizzi in the Western part of Sicily, Italy, had been recognized to your present data. Subjects was basically individuated by general practitioners in addition to their many years appeared during the the fresh new delivery registries. Because the a much deeper manage, regarding the interview, style of appeal is paid on the concordance anywhere between said many years and personal chronologies (chronilogical age of marriage and of armed forces provider for men, age of earliest and you can past pregnancy for ladies, chronilogical age of children, among others). New subjects undergone a physical examination and you will a day fast bloodstream venous shot are obtained having training bloodstream chemistry variables. Anthropometric actions provided height, pounds, and the body size directory (BMI) [weight (kg)/height (m2)]. In addition, the brand new Micro Health Analysis (MNA), Very first Points out-of Everyday living (ADL) plus the Crucial Activities out of Day to day living (IADL) was administrated. ADL and IADL was basically assessed of the interviewing professionals as well as their caregivers [thirteen, 14]. Real affairs (buffet taking, intestinal and you will bladder continence, status feature, extent out-of standard affairs, baths and dressing efficiency), sensory circumstances (auditory acuity and you will vision) and cognitive performance (recognition and thinking-expression) was basically within the ADL. For every single item are classified towards five kinds of care about-sufficiency: completely separate, separate however, slow, independent that have problem, partially situated and completely centered, using a point rating of 12 to just one, respectively.

The study was passed by regional School Medical Integrity Panel; the point and procedures of one’s studies had been told the fresh new victims, and you will told and escort in Denton created agree is obtained from the players otherwise caregivers.


Desk step 1 depicts the newest frequency out of centenarians inside the Italy plus the research urban area; you will find recognized 19 centenarian, 10 women and you can nine boys among a populace out-of 18,327 inhabitants. In this field the newest centenarian amount is cuatro.32-fold more than the new federal mediocre ( vs. dos.4/10,000). It is notable the men centenarian amount is -fold more than the fresh new federal mediocre ( against. 0.,000). Female/male proportion is actually 1.1:1 in the analysis area, due to the fact federal ratio was cuatro.54:step 1.

All of the centenarians reside in children home, primarily due to their members of the family. Personal ADL and IADL score were in the category of moderately independent for genders. A good anamnesis using one individual said a terrible auditory acuity and you may bad sight, as they have been without cardiac cardiovascular illnesses, significant cognitive disability, serious actual impairment, clinically evident cancer or renal deficiency.

From inside the Figure step one, MNA analogy administrated to help you fit centenarian was shown , whereas Shape dos accounts a typical normal daily diet. Centenarians employed on these area tended to end up being personally energetic, non-overweight, brief in the stature, that have an everyday Bmi (23.six ± step three.1), suggestive of some level of fat limitation with high intake from regular bush as well as reduced meats intake. Their diet shows a decreased glycemic index due to the fact lower out of discreet carbs (zero light dough, lowest amount of spaghetti, zero sweeteners, nice beverages, can restaurants, frozen already waiting create or edibles, cookies cakes or delicacies). Furthermore, he’s got a good consumption out-of olive and you may virgin organic olive oil away from additional cultivar namely: Nocellara out-of Belice, Biancolilla, Giarraffa and you can Ogliarola you to definitely seemingly have important anti-oxidant services (unpublished studies). In the Figure step three, Bmi and you can MNA was plotted together with her appearing the ultimate accordance anywhere between nutrients and the entire body size directory.


Inside Italy this year the population old a hundred years and more provides 14 thousand products, and that the brand new centenarian incidence is 2.4/. Currently there are nearly four centenarian female for just one kid. However, for the Italy there is certainly a north so you can Southern gradient from the female/male ratio when you look at the centenarians . To achieve understanding of the character away from intercourse and environment, i’ve come a demographic analysis during the Sicily proving you to definitely inside hill zones regarding Sicily discover a zone out-of male longevity with similar have to people utilized in Sardinia, on therefore-named Bluish Zone [eleven, several, 16]. In the two cases the fresh municipalities worried don’t are polluted areas and are also brief, into low amount of people. Thus, longevity is much more commonplace into the people residing a tiny urban area, instead of contamination, more than likely due to various other working criteria, more traditions we.e. smaller smoking and you can alcoholic abuse and Mediterranean diet plan. Consequently, these two components for the Sicily plus in Sardinia along with show lower death out-of cancer tumors and cardiovascular infection [eleven, 16–18].

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