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Polish Males Question Character because Regulators Reasserts Patriarchal Impression

Polish Males Question Character because Regulators Reasserts Patriarchal Impression

In the gamble you to Grupa Performatywna Chlopaki (The brand new Guys Performative Class) premiered in December to help you an internet audience, the new people is visible kissing, hugging one another, otherwise fooling around such as for example kids. It acknowledge embarrassments educated that go out (farting publicly) or earlier in life (an extremely small “first-time” that have a woman). It raise your voice the anger that have fathers and you may show their greatest hopes for daughters. They assures both if it will get unfortunate.

The group regarding thirteen males of the Chlopaki class was indeed providing along with her daily while the later 2019 as to what it label “men’s groups”, to hold away and you may speak about exactly what it’s want to be men within the modern Poland. In the process, he’s got authored a secure room in which they feel accepted and you will liked, if you’re sharing their deepest emotions and openly manifesting affection with one other.

The type of men-to-men telecommunications illustrated on the gamble is actually scarcely – if – saw inside the Central and you may East European countries, and you can therein lies its major potential. What can happens, the audience of theatre gamble is actually lead to question, was in fact men to do something in this way each day?

Governmental context

People reside in patriarchal expertise around the world, however in Poland new governing Legislation and Justice (PiS) features doubled down on their attacks into liberties of women and you can Lgbt anyone once the going to electricity inside the 2015. A year ago, a different red line are entered in the event that Constitutional Tribunal given down a dominating that is causing a great de- facto prohibit with the abortion.

Thousands of women – particularly the younger – took with the avenue all over the country because, with what might have been many powerful civic movement found in this country while the slide away from communism. Of a lot Gloss boys have come out for the help – however, way more was expected from them.

“This is certainly a get off strength,” Wojtek Mas grandioso, among the people in the newest Chlopaki category advised BIRN when you look at the an interview during the February, talking about the activities of the group, including its connection with the brand new women’s protests when you look at the Poland. “The second wave out of feminism was women assaulting for energy, demonstrating that women is going to be in the leadership positions – this is the 2nd logical step.”

“It’s a shift into the solidarity and you will real equivalence. We don’t have to recover power proper. We need emancipation for everyone lifestyle beings. That isn’t about going as well as hiding within the a hole; it’s about seeking fulfillment in numerous something than dominance in addition to corporate jungle,” the guy told you.

The newest Chlopaki group told you they marched close to girls just last year, carrying three fundamental messages to their banners: Mezczyzna to help you feminatyw (“Child is a womanly function”, a mention of the Polish phrase getting “man”, mezczyzna, that’s grammatically women); Chlopak chlopakowi siostra (“People become siblings to each other”); and you can Jesli nie masz macicy, twoj wybor sie nie liczy (“If you don’t have a uterus, your choice does not matter”).

Shine Males Question Part because Authorities Reasserts Patriarchal Notions

“We had https://datingmentor.org/nl/strapon-dating-nl/ a good amount of conversations around these types of slogans: new intent was to shell out respect towards feminist way and you may, at the same time, to not simply take room to have ourselves,” Mas grandioso said. “I wished when you can making it clear one to the latest ladies direction is actually on centre – this is the you to definitely main point here taking place now.”

“When we state, ‘Guys getting sisters to at least one another’, this might be a direct reference to feminist organizations and you will sisterhood,” Kamil Bloch, another person in Chlopaki, advised BIRN. “The word ‘brotherhood’ try of packs out-of wolves and you can fighters, so we hate people connectivity. Sisterhood relates to being a great deal more empathetic, far more popular.”

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